Apollo Muses - International Foundation Apollo-Union
Invitation : Apollo Muses Showcase
Dear Performing Artist
I would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Apollo’s Muse Showcase, a one-of-a-kind entertainment extravaganza celebrating cultural diversity in the performing arts.
This innovative event blends the traditional with the modern in a sweeping two-part competition that provides a venue for artists in various ethnic communities to showcase their talents before a mainstream American audience.
Whether your performances reflect the influences of popular, modern culture or of legacies tied to tradition, you are welcome to apply.
The Organizers encourage all emerging and established artists from any state or region in the US as well as international performers to submit entries.
In each competition, up to 10000 Performers will be given a chance in the spotlight. The most inspirational “Muse-Like” of these performers will be rewarded for their skills, creativity, and passion in their respective categories: The Muse of Modeling, Muse of TV, Muse of Film, Muse of Poetry, Muse of Music, Muse of Dance, Muse of Melody, Muse of Theater, Original Muse, and etc.
The "Apollo’s Muse" Showcase is a wonderful opportunity to promote yourself and the art of your community.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Alina Alexa
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