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International Review
Performing artists who complete the application process and pass the initial screening will be representative to give two performances before a high caliber Panel Jury on-line, as part of the International Review portion of the competition. The Panel Jury will choose one of those two presentations for inclusion in the Talent Festival part of the event.
The judging on-line will take place sometime between August 1 and October 31, 2013, for the Winter Competition and between January 2 and March 31, 2014, for the Summer Competition.
If there are more than 1000 Artists from any one region outside of these two cities, including a foreign country, a Panel Jury may travel to the other location for the International Review, non on-line.
Important Dates
Winter Competition 2013
(Las Vegas)
Applications Accepted
July 1, 2012-September 30, 2013
International Review
October, 1- 31, 2013
Media Blitz
November 1 -December 31, 2013
Talent Festival
November 1-December 24, 2013
Gala Awards Ceremony – Las Vegas
December 20-24, 2013
Important Dates
Summer Competition 2014
Applications Accepted
October 1, 2013-January 31, 2014
International Review
January 2-March 31, 2014
Media Blitz
April 1-July 31, 2014
Talent Festival
May 1-June 30, 2014
Gala Awards Ceremony – Hollywood
July 1-31, 2014
Panel Jury
A Panel Jury of up to five members is selected from a pool of resumes submitted by professionals in the respective art field, Festival Producer and other staff.
The Panel Jury will be different in each artistic genre (music, dance, vocal performance, theatrical presentations, and original genre).
Individuals chosen may include, but are not limited to, artists, designers, arts professionals, and arts advocates. Consideration is given to the potential Jury member’s level of expertise, gender, geographic and ethnic representation, and other demographics.
The Panel Jury will judge of Artistes on the quality of their performances as well as on their creative potential – their potential to inspire in their own particular field of art as reflected in the intelligence, personality, and passion apparent in their interviews and media materials and in the number of popularity points they are able to acquire. Overall the performer’s artistic merit, creativity, and innovation will inform all judges’ decisions.
live performance
These are evidenced by:
the quality of the artistic work presented;
new methods, ideas, or interpretations, which inform or promote creative thinking and are demonstrated in the performances;
the resumes listing the background and experience of all participating artists;
the strength and relevance of past press and/or letters of support .
The Panel Jury:
assesses each applicant’s materials in the initial screening stage and narrows the field to a maximum of 1000 Artistes in each genre;
judges of Artistes in the International Review phase of the competition, assigning a score to each and selecting which of two performances will be showcased in the Talent Festival;
evaluates of Artistes in the Talent Festival phase of the competition, awarding a score that will be compiled with the Artistes popularity points total./
Special Edit
A professional quality video clip not more than 30 seconds in length will be prepared for each Artiste to keep, and “Special Edit” compilation DVD’s of performances "Press Kit" will be available for purchase on the Festival’s official website.
The Artistes will retain authorship over these materials, sharing the rights with the Festival Producer, and as such will earn royalties on all sales and screenings for one year after the end of the Festival.
This DVD will also be widely distributed to sponsors and accredited mass media outlets, producers and recording studios, as well as the general public, both to promote the artists and the festival as a whole as well as to contribute to the selection of finalists and winners. This gives all of the performers a chance to demonstrate their creative individuality while introducing themselves to a new potential audience.
On-line voting “Special Edit” will take place on the official website for the Festival to tally popularity ratings from the general public as well as the press. These votes will be added to the Panel Jury’s scores to determine the winners.
The Festival Producers reserve the right to choose which 30-second segments will appear on the DVD and those decisions cannot be contested. To the extent possible, the Producers will make maximum effort to work together with the Artistes to ensure high quality performances and effective recording. Having one general PR made for a group of performers is also an option of FAMe.