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Why donate to the International Festival?
We receive no ongoing financial support from either local or federal government. The majority of income goes towards essential costs such as Festival infrastructure, wages and general administration costs.
Each individual participating in a performance must pay the $99 Application Fee for ID Performer, even if registering as part of a troupe, band, or other performing collective. Application materials for the group should be submitted together.
Applicants who pass the Initial Screening and become Artistes with their own ID number must pay the $250 Registration Cost for one ID Performance no less than 10 days before participation in the International Review portion of the competition.
*The cost $99 Performer ID include:
Initial Screening
Profile on Official Website
Invitation to the Events
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* Each individual participating in a performance must pay the $99 application fee, even if registering as part of a troupe, band, or other performing collective. Each act, however, only pays one registration fee per performance.
 ** The cost $250 Performance ID include:
Attendance at Events
International Review
Media Blitz
Talent Festival
Gala Awards Ceremony
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 ** For example, a dance troupe of five members that will perform together at the International Review and Talent Festival pays an application fee of $495 ($99 x 5) and a registration fee of $250 for a total of $745.
Sponsors and Advertisers
Thank you for your interest in performing at the International Festival “Apollo’s Muse”™
Sponsor Information Packets highlighting fee schedules and benefits for sponsors and advertisers are available for any interested parties. Companies, businesses, or individuals wishing to support the arts and the preservation of cultural traditions are encouraged to contact the Festival Organizers directly.
Opportunities for Sponsors and Advertisers  
$99, $250, $1.000, $1.250, $1.500, $5.000, $9.999, $99.999, $999.000 and more
Sponsors may choose to support individual Artists by funding part or all of their registration fees for participation in the event. After the International Review, sponsors may wish to fund additional popularity points in support of favorite Artists.
In addition, sponsors may fund the inclusion of a Artist’s complete performance on the “Special Edit” DVD. Corporate sponsors who choose to finance this production will retain the collective copyright of the recording and be given full recognition on the labeling of these media materials. This sponsor option offers a wide opportunity for corporate sponsor association with a quality product as the media materials will be sold to the Festival audience as well as passed on to mass media outlets for promotion of the event and of the individual performers.
Additionally, sponsors may choose to award a special prize to any performer in the competition, in any category; in effect, they may create an inspirational Muse title that they would like to award in their names. The titles that can be granted are only restricted by the imagination of the sponsors. Full credit will be given to the sponsors for any Muse titles and awards supported by their respective companies, and as the winners carry their Muse titles for an entire year, sponsors have an amazing opportunity to maximize their advertising investment.
Advertisers may place their ads on the Festival website, in the official information materials, or on decorative displays of the  Festival “Apollo’s Muse”™
Companies wishing to expand their presence internationally may also wish to be included in the promotional efforts to performing artists from other countries.
Depending on donor levels, sponsors and advertisers will receive complimentary tickets to the Talent Festival performances, Gala Awards Ceremony, and Closing Gala Banquet.
 A short course on proposal writing is available in English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish to help Artistes find their own sponsors to partially or fully fund their participation. The material describes how to prepare a funding proposal and find potential donors. Click here for more information on proposal writing.
 Today, Grants.gov is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.
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For more information, please contact Apollo-Union at:  [email protected]