Apollo Muses - International Foundation Apollo-Union
Application Process
Whether your performances reflect the influences of popular, modern culture or of legacies tied to tradition, you are welcome to apply 
There are two types of Performers participating in the Showcase:
One Performer                                                       Two or more Partners
All Application Packets must include:
1.  Completed application form  includes at minimum a short personality profile/biography (250 words max.)
2. * Press Kit:
Media material of applicant’s two performance (amateur quality is fine): videotape, DVD, CD, audiotape, slides,  and  professional color photos or Social Media: YouTube, LiveJournal, FaceBook, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, Linkedin, MySpace, etc.
3.  $99 non-refundable entry fee for each individual participating    
Electronic Support material may be sent to: muse@apollomuse.org
Support materials "Press Kit"
All support material must be received by the Showcase Muses by the September 30, 2015, or we will be unable to process your application for Winter Competition.
Performers may include other marketing materials such as articles or reviews about their performances, letters of reference, promotional materials for their shows, etc.
We welcome projects fundraising of platform Apollo- Union!
Each Performer, whether an individual or group, may present only two performance numbers (in the same category of Modeling, TV, Film, Poetry, Music, Dance, Vocal Performance, Theatrical Presentations, or Original Genre) at the International Review phase on-line of the competition and one final performance at the Muses Festival which has been chosen out of those two.
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