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There are two types of Artistes participating in the Festival.
The Artiste who will actually perform in the Festival: the dancer, actor, musician, vocalist, or original artiste.
The Performer can be an individual or group performing as one unit.
Two or more Partners:
Any non-performer attending Festival events with an Artiste.
These can be:
organizations, agencies, studios, or educational institutions with which the Artiste works;
parents or guardians of young performer Artistes;
industry professionals such as specialists in lighting or sound, hair, make-up, wardrobe, etc., that are involved directly in the Artiste’s performance.
All Application Packets must include: 
1.  Completed application form  includes at minimum a short personality profile/biography
 (250 words maximum)
2. * Press Kit:
Media material of applicant’s two performance (amateur quality is fine): videotape, DVD, CD, audiotape, slides, etc. and  professional color photos.
3.  $99 non-refundable entry fee for each individual participating    
All application materials submitted form the Panel Jury’s basis for an initial evaluation.
The FAMe does not accept CDs outside of the application process. We also do not send material back to applicants.
Support materials "Press Kit"
Electronic Support material may be sent to: [email protected]  
Current recording of your act (CD or DVD only), clearly labeled with your Act name on both the Cover and the CD/DVD biographies and background materials if relevant. 
Electronic images can only be accepted at 300 DPI or more. All support material must be received by the FAMe by the September 30, 2011, or we will be unable to process your application for Winter Competition.
Artistes may include other marketing materials such as articles or reviews about their performances, letters of reference, promotional materials for their shows, etc.
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Copyright & Permissions
The International Festival "Apollo's Muse" ™ reserves the right to document the event- film, video recording, hard disc or DAT, televising or photographing (herein after called “the Medium”), of any performance provided that:
  1. The length of the medium is less than 4 minutes duration with a maximum of 30 second grabs of any take- to prevent reproduction.
  2. That the medium is only used by the Festival for promotion and documentation of the event. Any subsequent retaining, storage, usage or packaging (either in electronic or hard copy format) of the recorded material is by permission of the IFAM only and remains the property of the IFAM, and the copyright and artistic property of the artist.
Please note that while the International Festival “Apollo's-Muse”™ retains the copyright of recordings made at the Festival, the copyright of the performances themselves remains with the performers.
Rules and Regulations 
Each Artiste, whether an individual or group, may present only two performance numbers (in the same category of music, dance, vocal performance, theatrical presentations, art, or original genre) at the International Review phase on-line of the competition and one final performance at the Talent Festival which has been chosen out of those two.
Applicants may be male or female from the ages of 6 to 106. The information provided on the application form and accompanying media materials must refer to and showcase the participant(s) who will be performing.
Only serious applicants will be considered.
Public Liability Insurance
Performers who are selected for the Festival must carry public Liability Insurance. Please provide a copy of your policy with your returned contract if selected. If you need information regarding public liability insurance please contact the Artistic Team [email protected]
Applicants who pass the initial screening become Artistes and are provided with a Contract and the Rules and Regulations at the Artistes’ Orientation. As a condition of participation in the event, all Artistes must execute the Contract prior to their first performances in the International Review portion of the event.